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Home Inspection

An independent professional home inspection, done at the right time, could

  • influence your purchase price

  • influence the terms of or contingencies to the purchase agreement

  • determine the type of insurance coverage needed

  • save buyers money on repairs in the future.

An inspection contingency should be included in a formal offer - buyers should hire their own inspector to ensure that their interests are being protected.

A home inspection provides buyers with critical information about the condition of the house - if there are improvements needed, a buyer must be aware of them before negotiating them in the purchase.

While an appraisal may set the value of the home, the inspection verifies the specific details of the condition of the house, like any cleaning or repairs needed, structural aspects of the house, and internal systems like plumbing and electrical.

Knowing the actuality of the condition of the house will allow you to include contingencies that the seller must meet before you become liable. A professional home inspector will know what to look for – what kinds of factors are important to evaluate before entering into a final purchase commitment.

Prior to the loan closing, a final inspection should be done to ascertain that the conditions of the agreement have been met. Once you have signed, your options will be limited.

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